How to assemble PIKE kayak?


Can I use PIKE Kayak for recreation and fishing in sea or ocean waters?

No, PIKE Kayak is intended for freshwater use.


Can PIKE Kayak be used in whitewater?

PIKE Kayak is designed to withstand up to grade II rapids. However, we do not recommend using PIKE Kayak in whitewater or fast current.


Can PIKE Kayak sink if tipped over?

The PIKE Kayak is made from non-sinking material. However, other items and equipment that you bring along may be too heavy, so we recommend that you always inflate all inflatable elements of your PIKE Kayak and your personal flotation device (PFD) before your trip.


What is the weight limit for PIKE Kayak?

The maximum capacity is 150 kg.


What is the warranty period?

The warranty for PIKE Kayak is valid 2 years from the date of purchase.


Is it possible to return the PIKE Kayak and get a refund?

Yes, please see our PIKE Kayak Return Policy section.


Which countries is PIKE Kayak delivered to?

PIKE Kayak is shipped worldwide. However, there may be some import duties in your country that you will have to pay when you receive the item.